Mitimes partners with LexisNexis

“On a really busy day, I actually record less time”. With frequent interruptions and distractions throughout your day, it’s almost impossible to keep proper track of everything you’ve done.

Mitimes integration to Affinity automatically creates your timesheet, based on everything that happens around you – so you don’t have to work and keeping everything up to date. Take the grind out of time recording with mitimes and Lexis Affinity.

“I am constantly in and out of meetings, or out at court. How can I keep up to date?”

The mitimes cloud architecture allows you to work seamlessly across different devices throughout the day, so no matter how you’re working or where, you’re always up to date.

“I often need to start working before we finish the matter opening process”

Whenever a new matter is started, mitimes automatically scans back over the last seven days, looking for billable activities to add to your timesheet.

“I can’t keep spending hours every week chasing our lawyers to get their timesheets up to date”

With mitimes tracking activities throughout the working day, your Lawyers can focus on approving and checking time entries, rather than having to get everything keyed into the system… and mitimes’ best-practice approach helps ensure everyone is up to date every day.